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Bussiness name:沃学教育
Business type:Company
Telphone : 15827649606
Email :


My Job Post
Title Time
Wonderful job in Sanya,need teachers. 2015/8/14 15:50:17
Accounting teacher needed in an university in Sanya. 2015/8/14 15:49:29
Training school in Nanjing, have 4 days off, salary up to 11K a month. 2015/7/31 11:50:59
Jobs in Liuzhou, Maths teachers needed for September. 2015/7/15 15:23:59
Summer job in Lvliang. 2015/6/30 9:22:38
Summer job available in Chongqing. 2015/6/30 9:21:58
Nantong, a training school there can accept teachers who dont have degree or TESOL. 2015/6/30 9:20:53
Changzhou, near Nanjing, Teacher needed urgentlly. 2015/6/30 9:19:23
Xi'an, a wonderful city in China, do you want to work there? 2015/6/19 11:01:53
Chongqing, do you want to work there? 2015/6/19 11:00:57
Job in Sanya, waiting for you!! 2015/6/19 11:00:22
12,000-15,000CNY a month, work in Shenyang, teach high school or primary school! 2015/6/19 10:59:35
Primary school in Nanjing, teacher needed for Sept! 2015/6/19 10:58:32
A training schoo in Tianjin, look for teachers provide free Chinese Course. 2015/1/24 9:49:31
Statistics teacher needed in an Public University in Nanjing. 2015/1/24 9:48:36
Taizhou, an university there look for teachers urgentlly. 2015/1/24 9:47:18
Do you want to work in Haikou, Hainan province. 2015/1/20 14:23:25
Nanjing, a high school look for ESL and History teacher. 2015/1/10 14:18:52
Tianjin, a training school look for teachers provide free chinese course. 2015/1/10 14:17:56
Beijing, a short term job in Beijing, for one month, 12500CNY. 2014/12/24 16:30:27
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