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1. Senior editor/manager needed for Henry ESL is currently looking for one senior editor/manager to work full-time in our editing division
The general requirements for the positions are:
·        Native English speaker;
·        Prior editing experiences at senior/management level of expat life magazine or website in China;
·        Proven track record of success and achievement in editing;
·        Wuhan residence status.
The position requires to work in Wuhan office.
Remuneration will be provided based on the professional qualification and experiences. Please send your detailed CV along with a cover letter and other supporting documents to
2. Translators/Editors needed for Henry ESL is an English-language portal site that provides a comprehensive range of services and information for both international visitors and China-based expats. The website is a collection of cultural, tourism, transportation, living and business information on 41 major cities in China. We are currently looking for several part-time or full-time Chinese to English translators/editors.
The general requirements for the positions are:
·        Native English speaker;
·        Advanced level of Chinese and ability to translate written Chinese documents;
·        Prior editing experiences of internet/journal contents an asset;
·        Beijing residence status an asset;
·        Minimum of twenty hours per week committed to this work;
·        Having prior experiences of translation and meeting quality standard;
·        The full-time translator/editor will be working in  Beijing office and the part-time translator will be working home-based.
Remuneration will be provided based on the professional qualification and experiences. Please send your CV along with a cover letter to.
3. Marketing and Partnership Manager, starting immediately
Contract: Fixed term
porting: general manager
Department: Marketing and Business Development
Hours: 40 hours per week
OBJECTIVES: Design marketing activities and campaigns to elevate website's brand equity and visibility; Contact, build and manage new B2B relationships/partnerships with external companies and organizations; Develop and manage community based interactive sections of websites.
·        Develop corporate marketing strategy and plan with both short and long term goals that are measurable Contact, build and manage new B2B relationships/partnerships with external companies and organizations;
·        Negotiate with external service partners to create and offer B2C value-added programs;
·        Write effective communications to promote value-added opportunities and sales support programs;
·        Manage and track sales incentives, direct leads and other programs and produce corresponding marketing and sales reports, as needed;
·        Plan and coordinate various meetings, events, tradeshows, displays, conferences and promotional activities;
·        Provide research, analysis and reporting of various marketing programs, competitive activities and other initiatives;
·        Revise existing marketing and sales programs on a quarterly basis;
·        Liaise with key stakeholders; ensure that all materials are approved by Marketing and Compliance;
·        Assist Marketing & Communications department, as required;
·        Work with colleagues to optimize the website for search engines including link-building, link optimization, up-dating website tagging, design contents for search ranking, increase ranking in Alexa;
·        Manage the web-based interactive community sections including forum, classified ads.
·        Native English speaker ;
·        3-5 years of Business to Business and /or Business to Customer experience;
·        Experience in developing implementing lead generation programs;
·        Superior project management/organizational, multi-tasking and analytical skills able to meet tight deadlines ;
·        Strong presentation, public speaking and negotiation skills are required;
·        Understanding of print production and web development processes;
·        Attention to detail; excellent trouble-shooting/problem-solving abilities;
·        Good communication skills; strong writing and proofreading skills;
·        Strong hands-on experience using PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook and Acrobat;
·        Ability to work well independently or within a team environment;
·        Experience working in a website marketing / brand promotion and with government, trade association and media are assets.
·        Marketing/Communications Post-secondary education or related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience;
·        5-8 years of practical marketing/communications experience;
·        2-3 years hands-on marketing experience;
·        Interested and qualified applicants, please send resume to We thank all applicants for your interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
4. 英文翻译
·        英语专业本科以上学历,八级水平;
·        有突出的英语听读能力;
·        有较好的汉语文字功底;
·        对互联网行业编辑熟练者优先录用;
·        人际沟通能力和团队精神。
5. 广告销售-客户经理
工作地点:武汉市 招聘人数:2人 工作年限:3年以上 学 历:大 专 外语要求:英语 熟练 月 薪:面议
·        大学专科以上,广告、传播、营销等相关专业学历;
·        三年以上大中型专业广告公司客户部工作及媒介销售经验,有大客户服务经验或4A公司服务经验者优先考虑;
·        熟悉客户服务、市场分析、广告策划等流程;
·        谙熟广告、营销策略,并能用文字、语言充分的表述,有提案能力;
·        责任心强,善于人际沟通,不惧困难挫折;
·        正直、自信、富于进取、自我激励、开拓及团队精神;
6. 职位名称:网站运营市场经理、专员
工作地点:武汉市 招聘人数:2人 工作年限:3年以上 学 历:本 科 外语要求:英语 精通 月 薪:面议
·        3年以上相关工作经验,2年以上互联网运营推广经验,掌握网络营销合作的方法和思路;
·        熟悉互联网运作和市场营销工作,熟悉网站ALEXA排名、搜索引擎优化、交换链接、网站检测的相关技术推广,善于利用多种技术形式迅速提升网站的人气;
·        良好的英文听说读写能力(英文四级以上);
·        良好的沟通技巧和说服能力,能承受较大的工作压力;
·        良好的市场活动策划能力和执行能力;
·        有推广资源者优先考虑;
·        年龄在24-35岁以内。
经理职位应聘者需具有4年以上相关工作经验和令人信服的销售业绩和管理能力 凡被本公司录用者,按照完成的项目进行奖励。简历和应聘材料请发至电子邮箱,请注明"市场推广"。
7. 职位名称:网页设计师
工作地点:武汉市 招聘人数:2人 工作年限:3年以上 学 历:大 专 外语要求:英语 良好 月 薪:面议
·        三年以上网页制作经验,熟悉网站建设流程及构架;
·        熟知互联网产品,能够相对准确的把握用户使用感受;
·        有扎实的美术功底,对页面色彩敏感、细节精道,有把握不同风格页面的能力;
·        精通Dreamweaver,Flash,Firworks,Photoshop等网页制作工具;
·        了解Html、JavaScript代码,能够准确细致规划Css结构;
·        熟悉Web标准,熟悉各类主流浏览器对CSS等解析差异;
·        具有较强的时间管理能力;
·        英语4级以上,有较好的英文阅读能力;
·        请在简历中列出网站作品以及其他相关设计作品地址。
8. 职位名称:市场销售经理、助理
工作地点:武汉市 招聘人数:2人 工作年限:3年以上 学 历:大 专 外语要求:英语 良好 月 薪:面议3年以上
·        三年以上网络产品和服务销售经验、良好的销售业绩,熟悉网站销售渠道;
·        良好的英文听说读写能力(英文四级以上) ;
·        全面负责销售部工作,并完成公司下达的各项销售目标;
·        熟悉网络基础知识、无线网络通信协议和常见的网络设备;
·        具备敏锐的市场分析及判断能力 ;
·        有良好的语言表达能力,思维敏捷,较强的沟通能力;
·        具备丰富的栏目销售技巧和方法,并对下属进行培训;
·        准确把握公司销售政策并严格执行;
·        制定部门岗位职责及考核目标;
·        热爱销售工作,良好的自我激励精神及自我成就意识;
·        能在较强的工作压力下完成销售任务;
·        年龄在24-35岁以内;
·        经理职位应聘者需具有4年以上相关工作经验和令人信服的销售业绩和管理能力。
9. 职位名称:网站编辑/网站策划
工作地点:武汉市 招聘人数:2人 工作年限:1年以上 学 历:本 科 外语要求:英语 良好 月 薪:面议
·        本科以上学历,英文听说读写流畅;;
·        1年以上相关工作经验,有个人网站或网站编辑工作经验者优先;
·        有良好的中文写作能力和文章组织能力;
·        具有独立的分析和解决问题的能力;
·        严谨细致诚实的工作作风;
·        团队和敬业精神;
·        年龄在24-35岁以内,请附上近期彩色照片。
10. 职位名称:网站运营总监
工作地点:武汉市 招聘人数:1人 工作年限:3年以上 学 历:本 科 外语要求:英语 精通 月 薪:面议
·        修订及执行公司网站运营战略规划及与日常营运相关的制度体系、流程;
·        策划推进及组织公司网站的定位、产品设计及市场策略;
·        统筹网站的内容、技术的全面建设和完善;
·        制定网站运营指标、年度发展计划,推动并确保营收指标的顺利完成;
·        协调、制定网络运营中心各部门的战略发展和业务计划,协调各部门的工作,建设和发展优秀的运营队伍;
·        三年以上大型网站相关运营经验,了解媒体运作规律;
·        大学本科及以上学历,熟悉互联网和电信领域;
·        良好的沟通及表达能力;
·        优秀的团队合作意识,能够管理整个团队;
·        能够承担较大压力工作,有高度的责任心。
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